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how marketing helps sell

Marketing is about attracting and retaining customers - Igor Mann

Therefore, we need to find ways to attract and retain customers.

To do this, we need to know who our customers are and where they live.

So we:

Determine who our client is

We carry out the analysis

First, in terms of







Family status

Sports and hobbies

Favorite books, films

Next, we analyze their desires, objections, dreams, pains, needs. You can do this with the help of a survey, or by studying the social pages of your potential customers, or from communities where your potential customers may also be.

What motivates them to make a purchasing decision? Knowing these things will help you craft ads specifically for your target audience that will resonate with them.

Example: mothers on maternity leave who want to find themselves, learn a new interesting profession and earn money by working remotely.


Based on paragraph 1, we make a list of places where it happens most often (Internet, TV, social networks, shops, restaurants)

Example: mothers on maternity leave most often use social networks, so advertising should be served there.

We advertise there

Making a great offer you can't refuse (USP)

Your value proposition is what will differentiate you from others (your competitors). What do you do better than anyone in the industry? Reflecting this in advertising will be a persuasive argument.

Example: Teaching a remote profession for mothers on maternity leave. Start earning while studying.

Ready. 1 step done, customers attracted

2. We need to keep him

In order to keep a client, you need to keep in touch with him (e-mail newsletters, personal calls, holiday greetings, promotions, cashback, etc.)

That is, you should not forget about the client after the service has been rendered. Advertising helps to find customers, and loyalty programs help to keep them.

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